Highlights @ Saint Louis Art Fair

This weekend was the Saint Louis Art Fair, a large, well-respected art fair held yearly in Clayton. While prestigous, it also knows how to have a little fun, and is a great combination of fine art, high-quality ceramic and wood artists, and funky mixed media. Here’s a sampling of some work that caught Arched Art’s eye, trying to mostly feature regional artists.  Comment and let us know what artist’s you loved, too.

I could not just walk by those eyes! Click here to see more of Betsy Youngquist’s fantastical work

The photograph is eerily whimsical, and I adored those distressed wood frames. Click here to see more Michael Paul Cole photographs.

I go absolutely head over heels for anything paper-cut out; it takes a lot of skill, vision, and dedication to make these kinds of work. This black and white cut-out evoking the 30s and 40s by Ella Richards makes me swoon.

Printmaker, artist, and poet Lauren Banka is a local art student at Washington University whose compelling project about her fears resulting in a small book and prints was the most memorable work in the whole fair for me. I can’t wait to see more from her!

Typewriters are always a winner for me, too. Roderick Stevens does it large scale, and using some unconventional materials.

Those colors! That sensuality! Julie Sola’s print make me want to have a low-lit, guitar-strumming, summer night in the dessert.

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2 thoughts on “Highlights @ Saint Louis Art Fair

  1. […] of saying the same thing. And so the text pieces that I had in the fair [that AAN blogged about here] were kind of a breakthrough for me. And I’m definitely still trying to find that balance. And I […]

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