Shorts, Part 1: FEAT of CLAY @ phd Gallery

Here at Arched Art we got a little overwhelmed this month. With SO many art openings, most of them on the same night a few weeks back, we felt
swamped by the potential. We went to lots of exhibitions, saw lots of great stuff, but couldn’t possibly try to write it all up in full-on exhibition reviews (considering the ‘we’ right now is really made up of 1).

So, Arched Art has a new concept for when this type of arts overload occurs: shorts! This means, a week of a couple of short exhibition
reviews to get you an idea of what is out there without getting too analytical (though we are not ready to give up those kinds of posts…yet).  Arched Art gladly presents to you Part 1: A Week of Shorts.

Jeri Au, Ti Leaf Installation, ceramic and Ti Leaves

“FEAT of CLAY” is a well-rounded group show showing real innovation and understanding of clay in some genuinely surprising and inspiring ways.  That said, don’t expect much pottery. Instead, there are quirky, funny pop earthenwares by Rick Dunn, Giacommetti-like
long and skinny ceramic birds by Jerry Breakstone, an unexpectedly lithe and organic wall piece incorporating ceramic and ti leaves by Jeri Au, in addition to some really unique mirror-play, and a not-your-grandmas apron terracotta. There is something really respectable about artists who are dedicated to their medium and know it well enough to be able to successfully push the limits of expectations – and that is celebrated here.
Go see it!

“FEAT of CLAY” continues at phd gallery on 2300 Cherokee Street in St. Louis, MO through 5 October, 2011. The gallery is free and open to the public Thursday – Sunday, 12-4.

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One thought on “Shorts, Part 1: FEAT of CLAY @ phd Gallery

  1. Anonymous says:

    It is indeed, a fantastic show….and well worth your time to see……

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