Shorts, Part II: Carlie Trosclair @ St. Louis Artist’s Guild

Welcome to Part II of shorts, a few short and sweet exhibition previews.  In a month with a ton of openings, shorts will be a four part series to let you see a little bit of more.

“Convergence: New Works by Carlie Trosclair @ St. Louis Artist’s Guild

Carlie Trosclair, Cascade, courtesy of the artist

Carlie Trosclair knows how to work a room.  In the space given to her upstairs at the spacious St. Louis Artist’s Guild to showcase some new work, Trosclair has used fabric and attached it to walls and ceilings to completely transform a hallway and two rooms.  The hallway, which you have to duck into, feels like a cave, and evokes a moment of being in an enchanted world, where your body and your movements are determined by what surrounds you; in relinquishing a bit of control, there is a benefit of feeling light and free, like the fabric which constricts you.  The fabric itself carries with it connotations of comfort and familiarity, a homey sense, and when considering how its presence on the walls completely transforms a room, it subtly shows how powerful simple, gentle beauty can be.  An extra treat is a video installation in the back room, a short, looping film focusing on the movement of fabric against the wind, again attesting to the material’s captivating qualities and Trosclair’s own love affair with it.

“Convergence: New Works by Carlie Trosclair,” continues at the St. Louis Artist’s Guild on 2 Oak Knoll Park in Clayton, MO through 29 October, 2011. The gallery is open Tuesday-Saturday, 12-4.

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