The Fruits of Making A Christmas List: A Francesca Woodman Book

When it comes to gift giving, sometimes you have to get very specific.  And,  this Christmas, I made sure to write out the name of a photographer, Francesca Woodman, whom I had admired for a while, but had never really delved into on my own, to ensure gift-receiving success.  Well, I am oh-so-glad I did, because this Christmas, I got the new book, Francesca Woodman, a beauty of an art book with lots of Woodman’s photographs and three essays.

Cover of Francesca Woodman, Edited by Corey Keller, with essays by Julia Bryan-Wilson and Jennifer Blessing.

Woodman (1958-81) died very young, but her black and white photographic work is full of intriguing techniques and strange and wonderful themes.  Most often photographing herself, she had an affinity for old buildings (and here), graveyards, and long exposures, often making herself seem angelic or ghostly.  Her nudes are often set in contrast to glass, metal, wood, or stone – a stark yet familiar contrast between the materials and the temporal nature of a young woman’s  flesh.

There is currently an exhibit on of Woodman’s work – at San Francisco’s SFMOMA through 20 February 2012, and then traveling onto New York City at the Guggenheim from March 13, 2012- June 13, 2012, should you be in either of those cities in the coming months.

Share below what great art books you got over the holidays – or have your eye on to get for yourself!

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