Ok, ok, so I’m a few days late. BUT, I am pumped for the New Year, especially because of some really great art exhibitions coming to St. Louis. The one I am most excited about thus far?

The John Stezaker exhibition at the Kemper Art Museum is absolutely going to be fantastic. How am I so sure, you ask? I already saw it in London last Spring at Whitechapel Gallery where this British artist’s show originated.  Stezaker brilliantly uses old film stills, vintage postcards, magazine images and does slightly strange re-arranging of things to give the images new lives filled with curious and fun multi-layered meanings (like here).  The exhibition runs from 27 January, 2012 – 23 April, 2012, so look for a review at the end of the month!

–> By the way – have you seen the Tomas Saraceno: Cloud Specific at the Kemper? It’s an architectural-larger-than-life-futuristic-living-in-the-sky-sustainably-whimsical-kind of installation (hey – should we start doing one-sentence reviews like that?!)  It closes on Monday, Jan 9th, so go see it this week or this weekend!

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