(Almost) Out With The Old, In With The New

It’s that time of year again – time for a plethora of January openings at St. Louis art museums and galleries. As we looked back on last year, Arched Art realized that some of the best exhibitions were in film, from Jonas Mekas’ Walden and Aneta Grzeszykowska’s Headache at an established institution like CAM to the visual tour-de-force of Meredith Zielke and Yoni Goldstein’s The Jeittisoned at Los Caminos, an apartment gallery (Missed my review of it on Temporary Art Review? Read it here). At Arched Art Now, we’re excited to see what will take the forefront this year!

If you are new to the St. Louis art world, or have resolved to see more art this year, now is the time to start.
Some of the openings we will be hitting up this weekend and next:

Thursday, Jan 19
Tommy Hartung & Uri  Aran at White Flag Projects

Friday, Jan 20
Sound & Vision at Saint Louis Artists’ Guild
Pop Impressionism at SOHA Studio & Gallery
Mike Calway-Fagen at Good Citizen
Memory at Art Saint Louis 

Friday, Jan 27
John Stezaker at the Kemper
Judy Pfaff at Bruno David Gallery
Christodoulos Panayiotous at the Contemporary Art Museum  

Saturday, Jan 28
Jake Crusen at Los Caminos

What will you be going to see this month? Let us know!

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