My first time – Citygarden St. Louis

To many people’s surprise, Arched Art still finds new visual art destinations to visit weekly.  Today for the first time, I did not just drive by, but actually stopped and went into the Citygarden, a sculpture park with 24 works, open since 2009, and right in the heart of downtown at a mile long stretch of green (and bronze, and steel and fountains) at 10th and Market St.

It operates like all St. Louis parks, open sunrise – 10pm, open to the public, and free everyday.  There’s also plentiful, metered parking on all four sides of the park, an audio tour you can download and listen to at home or there on your phone. Citygarden also offers great views of the Arch and the Courthouse. Oh – and did I mention the wide variety of figurative, abstract, and just plain fun ART? Here’s a sneak peek:

Erwin Wurm, Big Suit, 2010. Painted Aluminum. Taken w/ Instagram.

Laura Ford, Bird, 2007. Bronze. Taken w/ Instagram.

Jim Dine, Big White Gloves, Big Four Wheels, 2008. Painted Bronze. Taken w/ Instagram.

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One thought on “My first time – Citygarden St. Louis

  1. The real beauty of Citygarden can be seen in the families and children that come to play in the many fountains on a hot July day.

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