Tonight Only! According to: @ Los Caminos

Becky Daniel, Cazal Sin Perros (A Village Without Dogs), still from stop-action clip. 2012.

Ever been told about your art (or about your personality), “tone it down?”

The nine artists exhibiting work at Los Caminos tonight in According to: sure have, among other things.  These nine painting students from Washington University, currently working with Michael Byron, present sculpture, film, installation, and paintings that are direct responses to criticism they have received from professors and peers, ranging from “make it bigger,” to “make something everyday,” to simply, “paint this.”  According to: is a public display of both humility and pride, of simultaneous reverence and payback that is visually compelling and critically engaged. It’s the art school crit turned on its side! Go ahead and ask the artists, including Annie Sayers, Becky Daniel, Kristie Wickwire, Mara Cruvant, Marisa Adesman, Michael Osheroff, Raina Koller, Sarah Theis, Zach Swanson, “according to whom?”

According to: runs tonight only, 7-10pm at Los Caminos, located at 2649 Cherokee Street, Saint Louis, MO.

Michael Osheroff, Go Deeper, aluminum and oil bar. 2012.

Kristie Wickwire, Do it both ways (detail), chalk pastel on paper. 2012

Disclaimer: I am highly biased to recommend this excellent show, as its acting curator. But still, it is excellent! Come tonight, 7pm!

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