(Mother’s Day) Weekend Art Openings in STL

Spring art season is in full force, and this weekend is a great time to get out and be the first to see brand new exhibitions opening all over St. Louis.

Never been to an opening before? Now is your chance! Openings at art galleries and museums are free, open to the public, and often include curator and/or artist remarks, first view of cutting-edge work, and free (or cheap) wine or beer. Below are a list of some shows I am definitely looking forward to seeing. Where will you be this weekend? Want to be added to this list? Let me know!

Contemporary Art Museum, St. Louis
The Great Rivers Biennial opens Friday night at 7pm (6pm for members). It’s a really incredible, bi-yearly program that offers an exhibition and large financial award for artists living and working in the Midwest. The winners this year are David Johnson, Asama Kazmi, and Mel Trad.

Oliver L. Jackson also opens a show on Friday in the Contemporary’s Front Room, a smaller space, which, for the summer, is featuring artists with a connection to the city.  Jackson, born in St. Louis, has a wide-ranging artistic practice, and his Front Room show will feature large-scale tapestries and mono-types.

Bruno David Gallery
Also on Friday, and right across the street from CAM, Bruno David Gallery opens Bunny Burson’s powerful mixed media works inspired by found family letters during World War II in the main gallery, with Danielle Spradley and Lisa K. Blatt in the project room and media room, respectively. Click here to see a preview and photos of the exhibition online.

PHD Gallery
Over on Cherokee Street, PHD Gallery opens Perspectives, its second annual artist showcase featuring Mark Weber and Ruth Reese, presented as two solo-shows in one, and a way to represent their careers to date.  Reese works in sculpture with mythical, chimera-like figures while Weber combines found materials with painting to re-claim the objects and re-position them within the sphere of painting as distinguished subjects.

Laumeier Sculpture Park
For many families, Laumeier Sculpture Park’s Mother’s Day Weekend Art Fair is a yearly event. The art fair opens Friday at 6pm, and closes Sunday at 5pm. There is a cost ($8 for adults and $5 for kids) but includes local and national artists working in ceramics, jewelry, drawing and printmaking, wood, textiles, glass and more. There’s also food for purchase and several musical acts all days. Click HERE for more information on time.

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