Three Quickies

Three quick recommendations carefully sifted through for YOU.

1. A websiteArtspace

If you’ve been thinking about investing in some art and don’t really know where to start, Artspace is an excellent resource for buying contemporary art. You can search by artist name, medium, and/or price to come up with something you really love and can really afford. Plus, there is information on each artist, so you are never in the dark I have not bought anything yet, but have my heart set on this Rebecca Graham photo.

2. An exhibition – Matthew Strauss, Unberable @ PSTL

It’s always a treat when those who run galleries or museums, who are well-schooled in art history, art criticism, art theory, and the local art scene, decide to show their own work.  Matthew Strauss, who is the founder and director of the non-profit gallery White Flag Projects, is exhibiting at PSTL Gallery (the gallery within Pace Framing) this summer, and I can’t wait to see. The opening is this Friday, 6-9pm.

3. A trip The Crystal Bridges Art Tour

Sponsored by the Greater St. Louis Art Association, this bus tour at the end of June includes a stop in Springfield, MO for the National Watercolor Exhibition and then on to Bentonville, AK to visit the newly opened Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. The museum has caused quite a stir in the art world, not only because it was founded by Alice Walton, daughter of Wal-Mart founder, but because the collection is truly significant. Could Andy Warhol’s Dolly Parton (1985) have a better home?

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